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10 Great Tips For More Affiliate Marketing Sales


10 Great Tips For More Affiliate Marketing Sales


Here is a man who walks the walk and gives valuable information every time he speaks about affiliate marketing. When I can afford a mentor of ODi’s calibre I will not hesitate to enrol. If you are just starting or already someway along the path of affiliate marketing, you are likely to find the info in this actionable education video very valuable.

ODi starts with traffic, the essential component of every successful online affiliate marketer, and he also provides useful insights into the Pros and Cons of various types of traffic, important as no business can survive without it, in one form or another.

Successful experience backs further tips on CRO (conversion rate optimisation), bundled product offers, building a list of followers for email marketing, a basic philosophy of selling plus more ways to increase sales in affiliate marketing are covered in this ODi made 15 minute video. For anyone seeking to make money on line with affiliate marketing 10 great tips for more affiliate marketing sales is a must see video.


10 Great Tips for More Affiliate Marketing Sales



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Hey, thanks for visiting MMO! I’m excited that you decided to be here with me today. Well, did you find today’s video useful? I really hope that’s the case.
It can be a whole lot of fun to watch videos about making money. But guess what. It’s nothing compared to the fun you’ll have actually making the money! 🙂 So that’s what we’re gonna focus on for the rest of this article.
Let’s quickly cover one thing first… Some money-making opportunities are far superior to others.
Here’s what I mean…
You can do freelance work, like writing or coding for other marketers. This is how online entrepreneurship typically starts. But let’s be honest, this is really no better than having a job.
Earning money from home is awesome, even if you are trading hours for dollars. The main drawback is that the money typically stops once you’ve completed the job.
In other words, you can never stop working. You can never truly relax. You’re not likely to get rich by going down this path.
And it’s perfectly fine if you’re okay with that. With that having been said…


We Can Do Better…

What you want to be doing, ideally, is sharing your own content with the world. When you have your own content all over the web, people can find you 24/7. You can literally wake up in the morning with more money than you had when you went to sleep!
As a content creator, you can be an article writer, YouTuber, or product creator. You can obviously do all three.
Making more money, in a passive capacity, really just comes down to producing more outstanding content. You’ll obviously need quality offers and monetization too… but that’s a given!
Being a content creator allows you to earn passively, which is great. But it still has its downsides. One big drawback is the amount of work required. The work can be long and gruelling, and most people just aren’t willing to do it. And all of this hard work isn’t likely to even be rewarded for several months, if not longer!
Also, passive traffic doesn’t necessarily mean passive income. I mean sure, you’ll get paid passively. But this actually makes you wholly dependent on your traffic.
In this case, the moment your traffic dries up, your business dies. And traffic does dry up. Panda and Penguin are the names of two Google algorithm updates that took thousands of marketers from earning their livings online to being penniless virtually overnight. YouTube can devalue your videos on a whim. You just never know… you know? 😉


Here’s the Remedy:

If you want long-term success, you need to make sure that your passive traffic is being used to…

  1. Always be building your list of email subscribers.
  2. Further the reach of your social marketing.
  3. Promote offers that pay you monthly (recurring billing).
  4. Promote products with multi-tier affiliate programs.
  5. Siphon people into a special sales funnel which embraces everything listed above.

Your income and lifestyle can begin to stabilize with any of these benefits on its own. But if you go with that last item, your entire life can be transformed forever. Welcome to my preferred option.


The Best Option…

An opportunity-packed funnel is clearly the most powerful thing to promote online. With the right funnel, your income can be viral. What do I mean by this?
You’re actually able to form a huge army of other affiliates from all over the world enhancing your commissions passively! Your funnel gets people to buy products… and you earn nice commissions whenever purchases are made.
But to sweeten the pot, you can also earn “kick down” commissions whenever your customers become affiliates and make sales themselves. Thanks to the power of two-tier affiliate marketing, this is a real possibility.
And in some cases, two tiers can actually be surpassed. Incidentally, you can actually earn FIVE-TIER commissions from TWO different products when you promote this funnel right now!

Five tiers is absolutely loco!

What’s even better is that both of these products come with recurring monthly billing. This is how you can begin to predictably and comfortably pay your bills each month, all from your online efforts alone!
And it’s important to remember that these commissions extend down five full levels deep! In due course, you’ll very likely build up an army of thousands of affiliates earning you a fortune. And remember, this is on top of any passive traffic you happen to be getting!


So What Funnel Do I Recommend?

It’s Funnel Five, and I’ve gotta say, this is probably the single best money-making opportunity in the world today. This is a factual, non-hyperbolic statement.
Check it out…

1. If you can copy and paste, you can succeed with it. There’s nothing for you to download, install, host, or manage.


2. You simply set your system up as per the video instructions… and generate your new Funnel Five link.


3. Said link can be shared to the traffic source which is central to the funnel. The best part is that you DON’T EVEN HAVE TO WORK for the traffic. You can get all of the leads you can handle for literally zero work with our primary traffic source.


4. The instant people join this particular funnel via your recommendation, they’ll be immediately inserted into an email follow up newsletter. Funnel Five even does all of the email marketing for you. You needn’t host, manage, or write a thing. These emails will only promote your links! This is as hands-free as it gets, my friend.


5. One of the opportunities featured within the funnel can allow you to build an email list of your own. Even better news, you’ll also be able to enjoy viral growth, as others build your list, too! It is nothing short of crazy how quickly this can grow.


6. You can earn money from over 27 additional sources with no additional effort from your end. Your funnel promotes a free educational resource (see Video #4) that in turn pitches a multitude of essential online products, tools, and services which visitors can purchase using your affiliate links. This same offer can earn you $300 commissions!


7. But best of all are the two FIVE-TIER affiliate opportunities. These are the opportunities which can really make you wealthy. Having a massive army of people earning you money simply can’t be beat!


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Signing up to Funnel Five costs you nothing. Likewise, complete implementation of this funnel can be extremely cost-effective, due to the fact that you needn’t invest in a website or page builders. For just $10/mo. you’ll have your own special type of domain… and for just $30/mo. you’ll have an ongoing stream of traffic.
But check it out, these next-level products also just so happen to double as the massive, 5-tier affiliate programs showcased in your funnel! Where else can you earn thousands upon thousands of dollars for just $40 per month? Nowhere, that’s where. 😉
It’s being done by others right now! And we need to remember, this investment gives you both a viral, online “business in a box” plus traffic! Plenty of good traffic. This is traffic you’ll drive directly to your funnel through your unique link.


Do I Need to Invest a Bunch of Time and Effort Into This?

Reality check. Laziness and lack of time are the two primary reasons why so many would-be online success stories are never written. And for those who actually do end up having something decent to promote, driving traffic becomes the issue.
Well, good news! Traffic is built right into the Funnel Five system… as is everything else. Without any work, your number of leads is going to grow each day. Simply shoot these leads bulk emails designed to entice ’em into your Funnel Five squeeze page.

If you can invest 10-15 minutes a day into this process, you can do very well. Just dedicate yourself to this time. Every single day. Not a single day off. I know, brutal. 🙂
Please be honest, do you have 10-15 minutes each and every day to transform your reality? If that’s the case, I’d like to invite you to get started now.

Trust me, you’ll look back on this as the best decision you’ve ever made. At least where making money online is concerned. This I firmly believe.
Hopefully we’ve given you something to think about. It’ll be great to see you over at Funnel Five. 🙂

All the best,
Mike McLean
Funnel Five

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