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just starting at 70

Call me Mike and welcome to this website in progress, designed to provide plenty of ideas and inspiration for you if you’re seeking to learn how to generate a passive income online.

You may well be, just like me, a curious and keen to learn new starter to online, motivated by the attraction of an extra passive income stream.

Whatever thoughts have brought you here, please be reassured of my sincere promise to supply you with an abundance of ideas and guidance from top performers in the make money online niche. As I learn the moves and make them available for sharing, your earning skills can increase too.

My original thoughts were to concentrate on silver surfers, senior citizens and old codgers who might be short of pension benefits. No age barrier is best as I still feel comfortably in good health and only age 28 in the head.

I’m also motivated on a win win scenario, as the more success I create to help you to make an online passive income, the more trust and appreciation I may earn that encourages you to click on my compensating affiliate links.

Much Love and Some Effort


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