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Drop 3 Habits Keeping You Poor!

Nate O'Brien

Drop 3 Habits Keeping You Poor!




Drop 3 Habits Keeping You Poor


In this little over 10 minute video Nate O’Brien speaks of certain habits that are holding us back from safeguarding the greatest asset we posses. Nate says that by avoiding these pitfalls of behaviour he has changed his life for the better in so many ways.

You’re reminded that there’s a thing called the “Social Media Vortex” and it’s responsible for the average American spending between 3 to 5 hours on the phone. How are you spending your free time, is it on entertainment or education?

It’s been said that we’re the average of the 5 people we share the most time with, which means we have another choice relating to our chosen group of free time sharers, be they losers or winners. So your network is your net worth, and Nate has a method for associating with people you would most like to connect with. Simple steps to big results if only we can avoid these habits.



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Welcome to MMO! I’m excited you chose to be here with me today. I really hope you had a good time watching today’s video.

It’s true that discovering exciting new ways to make money online is a lot of fun. But guess what. It’s nothing compared to the fun you’ll have actually making the money! 🙂 And that’s the opportunity I’d like to present you with right now.

Before I share it with you, however, I need to tell you something… Some money-making opportunities are far superior to others.

Check it out…

You can be a ghostwriter or Fiverr gig provider. A lot of people start off like this. But the true online lifestyle should never entail trading your time for money.

I mean sure, you can work from home. But the money dries up the moment you take your foot off the gas. That’s the lame part.

If you wanna get paid, you always need to be working. This is hardly living the “internet lifestyle” that you’ve likely heard about.

And if that’s fine by you, then no worries. That said…


Here’s a Better Option…


Creating and sharing content online is superior to working for others. This enters you into the world of earning an income 24/7. You can literally make money while you sleep!

What creating your own content really entails is at least one of three things. You can be a product creator, article writer, or YouTuber. Being more than just one of these is obviously possible.

Getting more traffic and making more money can really be as simple as creating more great content. As long as your site, channel, or product is well-monetized, then you’re in really good shape!

Being a content creator can get you out of the rat race in a hurry. It’s still got flaws though. It’s very labor-intensive at first. Most people simply don’t want to put in the work. And all of this hard work isn’t likely to even be rewarded for several months, if not longer!

Also, in many cases, even if your traffic is passive, that doesn’t mean that your income will be. Yes, your income will keep coming in as long as your traffic remains viable. But this means that you’ll actually live and die by your traffic.

What if your traffic dries up? Your business dies. And it’s not a stretch to imagine your traffic drying up. Google has killed thousands of businesses with its algorithm updates. YouTube is just as volatile. It’s great to get passive traffic, but it’s horrible to rely on it.


Here’s the Remedy:


If you want long-term success, you need to make sure that your passive traffic is being used to…

  1. Produce your own list of email subscribers.
  2. Increase the reach of your social marketing.
  3. Promote recurring-commission products.
  4. Earn yourself viral profits from multi-tier opportunities.
  5. Lead people to a funnel that achieves all of this.

Your income and lifestyle can begin to stabilize with any of these benefits on its own. But that last one can set you free for life. This leads us right into the option I personally recommend.


Do This…


Going the opportunity-packed funnel route is easily going to be the best use of your time. The best thing about having a great funnel is the viral implications. What does this mean?

You’re actually able to generate a massive army of hardworking people from all over the world skyrocketing your passive income without you having to lift a finger! Products and services are shared with your traffic via your funnel… and you earn nice commissions whenever purchases are made.

As if that wasn’t cool enough, you can even make money when your customers become affiliates and generate sales themselves! Two-tier affiliate marketing is the magical force that makes this possible.

Some vendors even pay their affiliates on more than just two tiers. For example, I’m actually recommending a funnel that comes complete with two FIVE-tier affiliate products!

Mind blown? It should be! 🙂

With monthly billing, each of these two programs will have you earning passive, recurring profits. This means that you continue earning commissions month after month for the life of each customer!

And like I said, this stretches five full levels deep! Over time,if you keep at it, you’ll very likely build an army of hundreds, if not thousands of incredibly ambitious affiliates earning you tons of recurring business. This is on top of any passive traffic you happen to be getting!


Our Top-Rated Funnel…


It’s Funnel Five, and I’ve gotta tell you, it sincerely could be the most powerful online funnel system in existence. And this isn’t just hype.

Check it out…

  1. If you can copy and paste, you can succeed with it. No website, hosting, or site management necessary. Simply follow the step-by-step videos… and then generate your special Funnel Five link.

2. Then, as soon as you’ve established your special new link, proceed to share it to the traffic source which is central to the funnel. You can even get hundreds of leads per day without lifting a finger! You can get all of the leads you can handle for literally zero work with our primary traffic source.

3. As soon as new prospects join Funnel Five using your link, they’re automatically inserted into a follow-up email newsletter. Funnel Five even does all of the email marketing for you. You needn’t host, manage, or write a thing. These emails will only promote your links! Earning you money on the efforts of others is what Funnel Five is all about.

4. One of the five programs promoted in the Funnel Five system will actually assist you in building your very own email list. And to take it to another level, it will also allow you to get other people to also build your list! It’s nothing short of incredible to see this kind of growth.

5. Earning money from over 27 additional sources can also be achieved… with no extra work by you. Your DFY funnel invites your audience to check out a resource (Video #4) which in turn presents many high-value online services and tools that can be purchased through your specially generated links. This same offer can earn you $300 commissions!

6. Of course, it’s the two five-tier affiliate programs that really steal the show. These can create true wealth for you. You simply cannot beat having a massive army of people earning you money!


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It won’t cost you a dime to join Funnel Five. Also, to actually use the Funnel Five system can be budget-friendly, since you needn’t invest in a website or page builders. All you need is $10/mo. for a domain and $30/mo. for lots of traffic.

But listen, these two resources just so happen to likewise be the 5-tier affiliate opportunities presented in the Funnel Five system! So you can literally be earning 4- or even 5-figures per month with just a $40 monthly investment. 😉

People are doing just that! And it’s like I said, this tiny investment includes a done-for-you passive income “business in a box” AND traffic! Tons of traffic. This is traffic you’ll send straight to Funnel Five by way of your unique link.


Is There a Huge Time Investment?


Let me be honest. Most people fail to build a viable business online because of time constraints. And for those who actually do end up having something decent to promote, driving traffic becomes the issue.

Funnel Five doesn’t just solve the infrastructure for you… it solves the traffic problem too. You actually end up with more leads each and every day. You simply shoot your leads daily email messages that bring them to your squeeze page.

Consistent 15-minute workdays are all that’ll be required of you to make it with this business. But you must work daily. Every single day. No days off. Okay, maybe your birthday. 🙂

Sincerely, are you able to set aside 10-15 minutes every day to live the life of your dreams? If yes, then I can’t recommend highly enough that you get started here.

Without trying to sound too hyperbolic, this may just be the best financial decision you ever make. I really believe this to be true.

Hopefully we’ve given you something to think about. Go see if Funnel Five is a good fit for you, and we’ll talk more soon. 🙂

Wishing you all the best,

Mike McLean
Funnel Five


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