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Easy Make Money With Facebook



Easy Way to Make Money With Facebook

If you’re looking for a way to make money online with social media, check out this 8 minute video of pure help from Lazy Ass Stoner. He shares one way to make money online with Facebook and sets it out in five easy to follow steps.

Yes there’s work involved and time too, and if you’re looking for a method that doesn’t require either of those inputs, then this ideas is not for you. The work needed is very straightforward easy and if stuck there’s plenty of free online education to use.

For anybody already involved in using Facebook or wants to make a start, the guiding steps contained in this short and concise video will show you how to harness the powerful viral effect on content that Facebook is famous for. Then onto monetizing your efforts to make the work and time worthwhile.



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Hello, my name is Mike McLean. Welcome to MMO We’re glad you decided to join us. Well, did you find our video valuable? I really hope so.

It can be a whole lot of fun to watch videos about making money. But guess what. It’s nothing compared to the fun you’ll have actually making the money! 🙂 Keep reading if that’s what you’re after.

It’s important to mention one thing first, however. And that’s this… No two online money-making opportunities are exactly the same.

What Do I Mean?

You can provide services for other online entrepreneurs in a freelance capacity. A lot of people start off like this. But trading an offline job for an online one isn’t really “living the dream.”

Earning money from home is awesome, even if you are trading hours for dollars. It’s just that the money’s gonna dry up the moment you stop working.

If you wanna get paid, you always need to be working. This is hardly living the “internet lifestyle” that you’ve likely heard about.

And if you’re okay with that, then I’m okay with that. With that having been said…


Let’s Do Better…


The answer is becoming a content creator. If earning money passively, 24/7, interests you, then you should at least consider it. You can literally have money hitting your bank account while you sleep!

Three ways to create and share content would be becoming a product creator, article writer, or YouTuber. Of course, you can do all three.

The more content you have out there, the more traffic you’re likely to get. If you’re doing affiliate marketing or selling your own stuff, make sure that it’s very good, as well!

Embracing content creation can help you to live life on your own terms. But it still has its downsides. At the top of the list of “cons” is how labor-intensive it is, at least initially. Most people simply aren’t willing to put forth the effort required to succeed. And all of this hard work isn’t likely to even be rewarded for several months, if not longer!

Also, passive traffic doesn’t necessarily mean passive income. Sure, the income will be passive as long as the traffic continues to pour in. But this actually makes you wholly dependent on your traffic.

As soon as your traffic dries up, you’re dead in the water. And traffic dries up all the time. Google has killed thousands of businesses with its algorithm updates. YouTube is just as volatile. You just never know… you know? 😉


Here’s the Remedy:


To get more mileage out of your passive traffic, there are a few things you can do. You can use your traffic to…

  1. Create and grow a list of emails.
  2. Increase the reach of your social marketing.
  3. Promote offers that pay you monthly (recurring billing).
  4. Promote offers that can get you paid virally, via the power of multi-tier affiliate programs.
  5. Recommend an all-in-one sales funnel which embraces everything else on the list.

You can enjoy an enhanced lifestyle from any one of these items. But why think small? That last item can transform your entire reality. Which brings us to my preferred option.


This Is What You Want to Do…


An opportunity-packed funnel is clearly the most powerful thing to promote online. Having the right funnel can actually lead to viral income growth. Here’s what I mean…

You’re actually able to bring about an entire army of individuals across the entire planet building your business on autopilot! Products and services are shared with your traffic via your funnel… and money hits your bank account whenever one of your referrals takes action.

But it doesn’t have to stop there, as you can actually earn referral income on any new sales that your customers generate when they become affiliates themselves! Thanks to the power of two-tier affiliate marketing, this is a real possibility.

And in some cases, two tiers can actually be surpassed. As a matter of fact, I’m actually recommending a funnel that comes complete with two FIVE-tier affiliate products!

Mind blown? It should be! 🙂

With monthly billing, each of these two programs will have you earning passive, recurring profits. This is how you can begin to predictably and comfortably pay your bills each month, all from your online efforts alone!

And like I said, this stretches five full levels deep! At some point,with a bit of consistency, you can create an army of hundreds upon hundreds of ambitious affiliates getting you paid on an ongoing basis. You can get rich in a hurry when you combine this with any passive traffic you happen to be getting!


So What Funnel Do I Recommend?


It bears the name Funnel Five, and this is probably the best online funnel system in existence. I don’t say this lightly.

Consider this…

    1. If you can copy and paste, you can succeed with it. You don’t need to host anything, create anything, have a website, or any of that.
    1. You simply set your system up as per the video instructions… and get your special Funnel Five link.
    1. This link can be distributed using the traffic source which is central to the funnel. The best part is that you DON’T EVEN HAVE TO WORK for the traffic. You can get all of the leads you can handle for literally zero work with our primary traffic source.
    1. When new prospects joins us at Funnel Five via your recommendation, they’re going to be instantly added into an email follow-up newsletter. All email marketing is completely done for you. Nothing for you to host or manage. All of the links inside all of the emails will be YOUR links! This is as hands-free as it gets, my friend.
    1. The first of the opportunities offered within the Funnel Five system will allow you to build your very own email list. Additionally, it will also allow you to get other people to also build your list! It is totally incredible how this works.
    1. Earning money from over 27 additional sources can also be achieved… and without any extra effort from your end. Your funnel showcases a free training program (MOS – see Video #4 in Funnel Five) which then promotes a wide array of beneficial online services and tools that visitors can purchase by way of your special links. This same offer can earn you $300 commissions!
    1. But best of all are the two FIVE-TIER affiliate opportunities. These can create true wealth for you. This is the power of having hundreds, or even thousands, of people working for you.


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It’s not gonna cost you anything to sign up. Even better, complete implementation of this funnel is budget-friendly, because having your own website and expensive page builder is not required. $10/mo. gets you a special domain and your traffic costs $30/mo.

What’s more, this awesome pair of powerful tools also happen to act as the five-tier affiliate opportunities showcased in your funnel! For just 40 bucks a month, you can transform your entire reality in a hurry. 😉

Others are doing it right now! Like I said, this tiny investment is for a DFY multiple-streams-of-income business and traffic! Quality traffic. This is the traffic that you’ll send straight to Funnel Five using the special link the system generates for you.


Will I Have to Work All Day?


I’m gonna tell you the truth. Time constraints are the number one reason why so many people fail to create a viable online business. And for those who actually do end up having something decent to promote, driving traffic becomes the issue.

Well, good news! Traffic is built right into the Funnel Five system… as is everything else. You actually end up with more leads each and every day. Your only job is to send these leads quick n’ easy messages designed to bring ’em into your funnel.

Consistent 15-minute workdays are all that’ll be required of you to make it with this business. Just dedicate yourself to this time. Every single day. Not a single day off. You got this. 🙂

Tell the truth, are you able to set aside 10-15 minutes per day to transform your life into a work of art? If that’s the case, then what I’d like for you to do right now is click here.

Trust me, you’ll look back on this as the best decision you’ve ever made. At least where making money online is concerned. This I firmly believe.

I hope you’ve gotten a lot of value today. Be sure to check out Funnel Five and let me know what you think. 🙂

Wishing you all the best,

Mike McLean
Funnel Five


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