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Lindgren’s Lazy Method $0-$1500 per month – affiliate marketing

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Lindgren’s Lazy Method $0-$1500 per month – affiliate marketing



Lindgren’s Lazy Method $0 – $1500 per month – affiliate marketing

Here’s a guy who says he works only 2 to 3 hours per week providing YouTube videos for his review seeking visitors. First he explains where he sources the upcoming internet marketing products that he will promote and the kind of keyword focused content he adds.

Jason then provides a little insight into the free and paid methods he uses to rank his videos on YouTube to make monthly affiliate commissions up to $1,500 dollars per month. Next comes the plug for his full training of Jason’s Lazy Lindgren Method product.

Many marketers are still using this method and making money online. Worth considering for sure but be aware the competition is growing, and YouTube is becoming increasingly unhappy about any methods of boosting video or website ratings that appear to be unnatural.



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Hello, my name is Mike McLean. Welcome to MMO It’s great to have you here today. Did you benefit from watching the video? I dug it!

While it’s a lot of fun to learn how to make money online, I have a confession. It’s infinitely more fun to actually make it. 🙂 And so the focus of this article will be on just that.

But there’s something you need to know first… Online money-making opportunities can vary wildly in quality.

For example…

You can do freelance work, like writing or coding for other marketers. This is actually a common way for people to start. But the true online lifestyle should never entail trading your time for money.

No matter what, working from home is usually better than working at a crappy job. But the money dries up the moment you take your foot off the gas. That’s the lame part.

Your continual labor is constantly required. This is hardly living the “internet lifestyle” that you’ve likely heard about.

And for some people, that suits them just fine. But…



There Is a Better Way…

Ideally, you’ll strive to become an online content creator. This enters you into the world of earning an income 24/7. You can literally make money while you sleep!

Three ways you can become a content creator is to become either a product creator, YouTuber, or article writer. You can obviously do all three.

Making more money, in a passive capacity, really just comes down to producing more outstanding content. You’ll obviously need quality offers and monetization too… but that’s a given!

This option can really set you free in a number of ways. But it’s still not perfect. At the top of the list of “cons” is how labor-intensive it is, at least initially. You may be unwilling to put in the effort. And all of this hard work isn’t likely to even be rewarded for several months, if not longer!

Also, passive traffic doesn’t necessarily mean passive income. I mean sure, you’ll get paid passively. But this means that you’ll actually live and die by your traffic.

If your traffic dries up, your business dies. Dried-up traffic is a real thing, my friend. Google has killed thousands of businesses with its algorithm updates. YouTube devalues people’s channels all the time. It’s great to get passive traffic, but it’s horrible to rely on it.


So What’s the Solution?

If you want long-term success, you need to make sure that your passive traffic is being used to…

  1. Grow your list of email subscribers.
  2. Enhance the size and effectiveness of your social following.
  3. Earn recurring commission from products that come with monthly billing.
  4. Earn yourself viral profits from multi-tier opportunities.
  5. Siphon people into a marketing funnel that accomplishes all four of these things.

Your income and lifestyle can begin to stabilize with any of these benefits on its own. But your entire reality can change with that last one. As such, let’s take a look at the option I personally recommend.



The Best Option…

Going the opportunity-packed funnel route is easily going to be the best use of your time. The best thing about having a great funnel is the viral implications. Let me explain…

It’s actually possible for you to form a giant army of highly-motivated people across the entire planet expanding your profits without you having to lift a finger! Your funnel gets people to buy products… and when people take action, you get paid.

You also earn commissions when they make sales, as well! Two-tier affiliate marketing is the magical force that makes this possible.

And in some cases, two tiers can actually be surpassed. I mean, I’m actually recommending a funnel that comes complete with two FIVE-tier affiliate products!

Mind blown? It should be! 🙂

You’ll also be sharing in the ongoing revenue share for these products, as they both come with monthly billing. If getting paid on your past efforts excites you, then these two opportunities are right up your alley!

And it’s important to remember that this extends down five full levels deep! With time, if you stay consistent, you can accumulate literally at least hundreds of incredibly motivated affiliates making you tons of recurring business. When you combine this with passive traffic, you’re set for life!



The Greatest Opportunity Ever?

It’s been named Funnel Five, and I must tell you, it just could be the single greatest money-making opportunity in the world today. And this isn’t just hype.

Here’s why…

    1. This is a copy/paste business. There’s nothing for you to download, install, host, or manage.


    1. Simply follow the step-by-step videos… and then get your special link.


    1. You share your new link to the traffic methods taught inside. And how does “zero effort” traffic sound? Doing absolutely zero work whatsoever, Funnel Five can show you how to bring in 100-200 new leads daily.


    1. When any new prospect signs up for Funnel Five through, they’re immediately added into a follow-up email newsletter. This newsletter is 100% hosted and managed for you. Your links will automatically be inserted into the emails! Other people do the work, you make the money.


    1. One of the products presented within the funnel will have you building your very own email list. But even better, it’s also gonna make it so that you can have countless other people building your list for you… virally! It’s totally awesome to see this kind of growth.


    1. Earning money from over 27 additional sources can also be achieved… sans any extra work on your part. Your Funnel Five funnel showcases a free training program (Video #4) that in turn soft-sells seemingly countless quality online products and tools that visitors can purchase using your links. This same offer can earn you $300 commissions!


  1. Of course, the stars of the show are actually our two five-tier affiliate programs. It’s these programs that can really transform your entire reality. Having a massive army of people earning you money simply can’t be beat!




Visit Funnel Five Right Now>>

It’s FREE to join Funnel Five. Perhaps even more powerfully, complete use of the Funnel Five system is surprisingly cheap, seeing that having your own website and expensive page builder is not required. All you need is $10/mo. for a domain and $30/mo. for lots of traffic.

But listen, these two extraordinary products also happen to be the two 5-tier affiliate opportunities featured in the Funnel Five funnel! For just 40 bucks a month, you can transform your entire reality in a hurry. 😉

People are doing just that! And again, this covers a ready-made viral business plus traffic! Plenty of traffic. This is traffic that you’ll be driving straight to your Funnel Five squeeze page by way of your unique link.



Will This Take Much Time?

We’ve gotta call a spade a spade. Most people fail to build a viable business online because of time constraints. And for those who actually do end up having something decent to promote, driving traffic becomes the issue.

Well, good news! Traffic is built right into the Funnel Five system… as is everything else. Without any work, your number of leads is going to grow each day. Your only job is to shoot these leads short little messages that drive ’em to your Funnel Five business.

If you can invest 10-15 minutes a day into this process, you can do very well. And you do it daily. 7 days a week. Not a single day off. That’s all you’ve gotta do, my friend. 🙂

Truthfully, do you have 10-15 minutes every day to finally live your dreams? If you answered yes, I want you to click here to join Funnel Five.

Where making money online is concerned, this may just be the best decision you ever make. I really believe this to be true.

It’s something worth considering, anyway. I hope you do. Be sure to check out Funnel Five and let me know what you think. 🙂

To your happiness and success,

Mike McLean
Funnel Five


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