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200k Subscribers QA Affiliate Marketing How To Start


200k Subscribers QA Affiliate Marketing How To Start



ODi 200k Subscribers Q&A How to Start Affiliate Marketing


Yes it’s just over an hour but well worth your time investment as ODi gives pure gold. If you want to skip the hellos fast forward to 5 minutes 40 seconds. Questions from newbies or fans considering starting an online business are answered by a man who has, in a short space of time, generated enough money from his online business to enjoy a lifestyle most people just dream about.

ODi planned to quit his full-time job once he was generating the same amount of money from his spare-time online business efforts, then tells what happened when he lost his job before his money target was reached. Could affiliate marketing save him?

Great basic advice here for anyone seeking to make money online with affiliate marketing. Talks of the value of creating online real estate that will serve to make you money long after the initial work involved has been completed and sometimes forgotten. Using ODi’s guiding answers on niche choice, sales psychology, website platform and what to sell can help you get started now.



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Hey, thanks for visiting MMO! I’m excited that you decided to join me today. Did you get a lot out of today’s video? I thought it was pretty cool!

Learning how to make money online can be a lot of fun. But hey… It’s nothing compared to the fun you’ll have actually making the money! 🙂 That’s what the remainder of this article will seek to help you achieve.

But first, there’s something you need to realize… Some money-making opportunities are far superior to others.

What Do I Mean?

You can do freelance work, like writing or coding for other marketers. Many online careers are launched this way. But trading an offline job for an online one isn’t really “living the dream.”

There’s obviously plenty of merit to working at home, even if you are trading one effort for one payment. But the money dries up the moment you take your foot off the gas. That’s the lame part.

Your continual labor is constantly required. You’re not likely to get rich by going down this path.

And if that’s fine by you, then no worries. That said…


We Can Do Better…


Creating and sharing content online is superior to working for others. You can be earning money around the clock when you do this. You can literally make money while you sleep!

Three ways to create and share content would be becoming a YouTuber, article writer, or product creator. You can be any or two of these things… or all three.

If you want more passive traffic and income, then simply produce more great content. And if you’ve got good offers that entice people, you’re golden!

Doing this can have you living life on your own terms. But please don’t think it’s perfect. It’s not. One big drawback is the amount of work required. Most people simply aren’t willing to put forth the effort required to succeed. And when you consider the fact that it may take several months for the money to start coming in, it’s no wonder why!

Also, you can’t expect your overall income to be passive just because your traffic is. Sure, the income will be passive as long as the traffic continues to pour in. But this means that you’ll actually live and die by your traffic.

What if your traffic dries up? Your business dies. And if you think that traffic dry-ups are rare, you’re obviously not a history buff. Google doesn’t care about you, and if they feel like stripping you of your traffic via an algorithm update, they will. They have. More than once. Your YouTube traffic is no more stable. Your income should never be entirely dependent upon your ongoing traffic.


So What’s the Solution?


Passive traffic is great, don’t get me wrong. But it can be a whole lot better if you use it to…

  1. Constantly be building a big, responsive list of emails that you own.
  2. Increase your following on social.
  3. Earn recurring commission from products that come with monthly billing.
  4. Promote products with multi-tier affiliate programs.
  5. Promote an all-in-one funnel that accomplishes everything else on the list.

Any of these can have a tremendous impact on your business. But why think small? That last item can transform your entire reality. That’s what you get with the option I prefer.


Here’s What I Recommend…


With an opportunity-packed funnel, you’re giving yourself the very best chance of success. This will allow you to grow your income virally. What does this mean?

You’re actually able to bring about an entire army of individuals from all across the globe building your passive income both passively and virally! The funnel is there to entice your traffic to become customers AND affiliates… and money hits your bank account whenever one of your referrals takes action.

Then, when they begin promoting these products as an affiliate, you earn commissions on their sales, as well Thanks to the power of two-tier affiliate marketing, this is a real possibility.

Some vendors even pay their affiliates on more than just two tiers. As an example, it’s actually possible to earn FIVE-TIER commissions on not just one, but TWO different offers, which are both part of this special funnel!

Five tiers is absolutely insane!

With monthly billing, each of these two programs will have you earning passive, recurring profits. This is how you can begin to predictably and comfortably pay your bills each month, all from your online efforts alone!

And remember, these commissions extend down five full levels deep! At some point,if you keep working at it, you’ll very likely accumulate an army of at least a thousand of incredibly motivated affiliates generating tons of recurring business for you. You can get rich in a hurry when you combine this with any passive traffic you happen to be getting!


Say Hello to Your Incredible New Funnel:


It’s been named Funnel Five, and I really must say, it truly may be the greatest opportunity you’ll ever come across. This is a factual, non-hyperbolic statement.

Check it out…

    1. Everything is copy and paste. You don’t need to host anything, create anything, have a website, or any of that.
    1. Simply set your system up as per the video instructions… and grab your special link.
    1. You then share the link to the traffic methods taught inside. And how does “zero effort” traffic sound? Doing absolutely zero work whatsoever, Funnel Five can show you how to bring in 100-200 new leads daily.
    1. The instant that individuals join you at the funnel through, they’re going to be immediately placed into a follow-up email newsletter. This newsletter is 100% hosted and managed for you. These emails will only promote your links! Funnel Five does all the work, while you earn those passive, recurring, multi-tier commissions.
    1. One of the five systems promoted within the funnel will actually allow you to build an email list of your own. But it’s also gonna let you have countless other people building your list for you… virally! It’s nothing short of awesome to see this in action.
    1. Earning money from over 27 additional sources can also be achieved… all without any additional work on your part. The Funnel Five system “pitches” a free course (MOS – see Video #4 in Funnel Five) which soft-sells seemingly countless high-value online products, tools, and services which can be purchased via your special links. You can even earn $300 commissions per sale!


  1. Of course, it’s the two five-tier affiliate programs that really steal the show. Your entire reality can be transformed because of these. Having a massive army of people earning you money simply can’t be beat!


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Joining Funnel Five won’t cost you a dime. Not to mention the fact that implementing the Funnel Five system can be refreshingly inexpensive, since you needn’t invest in a website or page builders. For just $10/mo. you’ll have your own special type of domain… and for just $30/mo. you’ll have an ongoing stream of traffic.

Even better, this “dynamic duo” of powerful products also serve as the two programs which bless you with those five-tier affiliate commissions! So you can literally be earning 4- or even 5-figures per month with just a $40 monthly investment. 😉

It’s being done by others right now! And let’s remember,, this investment yields you a viral, web-based “business in a box” plus traffic! Plenty of good-quality traffic. This is traffic that you drive to your Funnel Five squeeze page using your specially generated link.


Will I Have to Work All Day?


I’m gonna tell you the truth. The reason why most people fail online is because they simply don’t have the time to build a business. And for those who actually do end up having something decent to promote, driving traffic becomes the issue.

Well, good news! Traffic is built right into the Funnel Five system… as is everything else. You actually end up with more leads each and every day. You only have one job. Just send these leads daily bulk emails designed to bring them to your squeeze page.

If you can invest 10-15 minutes a day into this process, you can do very well. Just dedicate yourself to this time. 7 days a week. Don’t take a day off. Okay, maybe your birthday. 🙂

Please be honest, are you able to set aside 10-15 minutes per day to transform your life into a work of art? If you answered yes, then I can’t recommend highly enough that you click here.

Trust me, you’ll look back on this as the best decision you’ve ever made. At least where making money online is concerned. This really may be the one you’ve been waiting for.

It’s something worth considering, anyway. I hope you do. Be sure to check out Funnel Five and let me know what you think. 🙂

To big things ahead,

Mike McLean
Funnel Five



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