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Thoughts on Change

Kam Jennings AKA ZeroFatz

Thoughts on Change



Thoughts On Change

Kam Jennings AKA ZeroFatz shares his thoughts on change in general and within the internet marketing world. Says a gentle stroll by the waterside helps him clear his mind for thinking about how to deal with change. I like this guys approach to life.

You may not be entirely happy with changes that you appear not to have a lot of choice with, so deciding whether to give yourself a hard time, or embrace the inevitable changes coming are your life affecting decisions that you may daily make.

If you are feeling your way online and learning how to make money as an affiliate, I believe it’s always worthwhile to pick up little gems of thinking shared by successful internet marketers, especially those as down to earth and human as ZeroFatz.



Here’s Where You Want to Be>>



Welcome to MMO! You being here is very much appreciated. Hopefully that the above video was both enjoyable and useful.

It’s true that it can be tons of fun to learn new strategies to make money online. But… The real fun comes from actually making the money. 😉 So that’s what we’re gonna focus on for the rest of this article.

Let’s quickly cover one thing first… Not all online money-making opportunities are created equal. Not even close.

What Do I Mean?

You can be a ghostwriter or Fiverr gig provider. Many online careers are launched this way. But the true online lifestyle should never entail trading your time for money.

Earning money from home is awesome, even if you are trading hours for dollars. The main drawback is that the money typically stops once you’ve completed the job.

The moment you decide to take a break, you’re off the clock and the income immediately ceases. This is definitely no way to become wealthy.

And it’s perfectly fine if you’re okay with that. That said…


Let’s Do Better…


What you want to be doing, ideally, is sharing your own content with the world. Doing so enables you to earn money 24/7. Making money while you sleep is very nice!

Three ways to create and share content would be becoming a product creator, article writer, or YouTuber. You can be any or two of these things… or all three.

The higher both the quality and quantity of the content you produce, the more passive income you stand to generate. And if you’ve got good offers that entice people, you’re golden!

Embracing content creation has the potential to change your life, no question. It’s still got flaws though. At least initially, there’s an awful lot of work that must be done. You may be unwilling to put in the effort. And this is on top of the fact that you have to build everything from scratch, which can take several months to gain any real traction. That’s lots of unpaid effort!

Passive traffic also doesn’t necessarily mean passive income. That’s not to say that your passive traffic can’t keep getting you paid. But this means that you’ll actually live and die by your traffic.

You’re always only the “drying up” of your traffic away from losing everything. And traffic does dry up. If Google feels like stripping you of your traffic via an algorithm update, they will. They have. More than once. YouTube is no safer of a bet. Don’t rely solely on passive traffic to keep feeding you and your family.


So What’s the Solution?


Remember, if you want to maximize your passive traffic, make sure you’re using it to…

  1. Feed your own list of emails.
  2. Build your following on social.
  3. Promote offers that pay you monthly (recurring billing).
  4. Promote products with multi-tier affiliate programs.
  5. Siphon people into a special funnel that embraces everything else on the list.

On its own, any of these things can benefit you in a big way. But if you go with that last item, your entire life can be transformed forever. Enter: the very best option.


This Is What You Want to Do…


Going the opportunity-packed funnel route is easily going to be the best use of your time. With the right funnel, your income can be viral. In case you’re unsure what this means…

You’re actually able to generate a giant army of other affiliates from all across the globe enhancing your business without you having to lift a finger! Your funnel gets people to buy products… and you earn nice commissions whenever purchases are made.

As if that wasn’t cool enough, you can even make money when your customers become affiliates and generate sales themselves! This is called two-tier affiliate marketing, and it’s unbelievably powerful.

Truth be told, two tiers may just be a small starting point. Case in point, it’s actually possible to earn FIVE-TIER commissions on not just one, but TWO different offers, which are both part of this special funnel!

This can enable you to honestly transform everything for you!

With monthly billing, each of these two programs will have you earning passive, recurring profits. If getting paid on your past efforts excites you, then these two opportunities are right up your alley!

Remember, these commissions trickle down a full five levels deep! In due course, if you remain consistent, you’ll likely build an army of at least hundreds of highly motivated affiliates getting you paid on an ongoing basis. And remember, this is on top of any passive traffic you happen to be getting!


Here’s Your New Funnel…


They call it Funnel Five, and I’ve gotta say, it might be the single most potent opportunity you’ll ever come across. I don’t say this lightly.

There are many reasons…

    1. You can succeed in a very copy/paste way. There’s nothing for you to download, install, host, or manage.


    1. Your only job is to watch the step-by-step videos and follow along… and get/promote your new Funnel Five link.


    1. The moment you’ve generated said link, go ahead and share it by way of the hot traffic sources taught in Funnel Five. And how does “zero effort” traffic sound? Doing absolutely zero work whatsoever, you can actually bring in 3000-6000 fresh new leads monthly.


    1. When folks sign up with your funnel using your link, they’ll be automatically placed into a follow-up email newsletter. You never need to write an email… it’s all done for you. These emails will only promote your links! You get paid while someone else does all of the work.


    1. One of the five products promoted within the funnel can actually help you to build an email list of your own. What’s more, it will also allow you to get other people to also build your list! It is absolutely awesome how quickly this can grow.


    1. You can earn money from over 27 additional sources sans any extra work on your part. Your Funnel Five system promotes a resource (MOS – see Video #4 in Funnel Five) which then pitches a large selection of high-quality resources that can be purchased by way of your special affiliate links. You can even earn $300 commissions per sale!


  1. But at the end of the day, it’s really all about those two FIVE-TIER affiliate opportunities. Your entire reality can be transformed because of these. Having a massive army of people earning you money simply can’t be beat!


Join Up With Funnel Five Here>>


Joining Funnel Five costs you nothing. Not to mention the fact that actual use of the system can be budget-friendly, seeing that you don’t need page builders, your own WordPress site, or hosting. $10/mo. gets you a special domain and your traffic costs $30/mo.

What makes this so powerful is that these couple of powerful products just so happen to likewise be the two systems which earn you those sweet five-tier commissions! It’s hard to believe that just a $40 monthly investment could possibly earn you thousands upon thousands, but it’s absolutely true. 😉

Others are doing it right now! And we must remember, this monthly investment gets you a done-for-you viral, web-based business AND traffic! Good-quality traffic. This is traffic you direct to your squeeze page via your specially generated link.


How Much Time Will This Take?


Let me be honest. Most people are either too lazy… or too strapped for time to actually build something viable online. More sadly, those who do manage to create something cool never seem to end up driving any meaningful traffic to it.

Well, good news! Traffic is built right into the Funnel Five system… as is everything else. Without any work, your number of leads is going to grow each day. Your only job is to shoot these leads daily messages that invite ’em to your funnel.

You can honestly succeed with just 10-15 minutes per day invested. Just be consistent. 365 days a year. Don’t take a day off. Okay, maybe your birthday. 🙂

Truthfully, can you set aside 10-15 minutes every day to transform your life into a work of art? If you answered yes, I’d like to invite you to click here.

When it comes to your financial life, this may just be the best decision you ever make. And while I can’t make any guarantees, this is my sincere belief.

Hopefully this has been helpful. It’ll be great to see you over at Funnel Five. 🙂

All the best,

Mike McLean
Funnel Five


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