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Why Asking This Question Holds You Back

Kam Jennings AKA ZeroFatz

Why Asking This Question Holds You Back



Why Asking This Question Holds You Back

Kam is speaking on this 8 minute video especially for newbie players in the make money online business. He has been asked this question frequently and in this video provides reasons why he thinks it’s not a good idea, from various angles. Why is it crucial to be “all in” at the start of your online money making adventure?

So it’s possible that if you’re asking this particular question you are admitting that a part of you is not all in. Negative thoughts are holding you back before you’ve even started. What appeals most a free method that makes $50 per week or a method that makes you $1,000 per week but requires you a cost commitment of $100 per week?

Safe to say, investing in your education as an online entrepreneur is essential if you want to be successful with your chosen skill mastery by learning from the people who already know how. Having the right mindset is a major part of any plans if you aim to be successful at making money online from affiliate marketing. Think on and give yourself a better chance of getting it right.



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Hello, my name is Mike McLean. Welcome to MMO I’m excited that you’ve opted to be here with me. I’m hoping that the video was enjoyable and useful.

It’s true that discovering exciting new ways to make money online is a lot of fun. But guess what. It’s way more fun to actually make it! 🙂 So that’s what we’re gonna focus on for the rest of this article.

Before I share it with you, however, I need to tell you something… The quality of one opportunity can vary wildly from the quality of the next.

What Do I Mean?

You can work for other marketers as a ghostwriter, copywriter, or coder. This is a pretty common starting point for people. But trading an offline job for an online one isn’t really “living the dream.”

I mean sure, you can work from home. But the money dries up the moment you take your foot off the gas. That’s the lame part.

So your own labor is always required. Wealth is not likely to be built this way.

And perhaps you’re someone who doesn’t mind that one little bit. However…


Let’s Do Better…


Creating and sharing content online is superior to working for others. You can be earning money around the clock when you do this. You can be earning while sleeping, taking a vacation, or doing whatever it is you want to do!

Three ways you can become a content creator is to become either a YouTuber, article writer, or product creator. Being more than just one of these is obviously possible.

If you want more passive traffic and income, then simply produce more great content. The things you sell or promote should also be of very high-quality!

This is an option that can really set you free in a number of ways. But it’s still not perfect. It’s very labor-intensive at first. You may be unwilling to put in the effort. To add insult to injury, it may take several months of ongoing effort before you see any results at all!

Passive traffic also doesn’t necessarily mean passive income. That’s not to say that your passive traffic can’t keep getting you paid. But that means you’ll still need to rely on that traffic to earn new sales and commissions.

Dried-up traffic = dead business. Dried-up traffic is a real thing, my friend. Google often changes its ranking algorithms. Your YouTube rankings can suffer the same fate. It’s great to get passive traffic, but it’s horrible to rely on it.


The Solution:


Passive traffic is great, don’t get me wrong. But it can be a whole lot better if you use it to…

  1. Constantly build a list of subscribers.
  2. Further your following on social.
  3. Promote recurring-commission products.
  4. Promote offers that can get you paid virally, via the power of multi-tier affiliate programs.
  5. Promote an all-in-one marketing funnel which does all four of these things.

If you want to take your business to a new level, any of these things can get the job done. But that last one can set you free for life. As such, let’s take a look at the option I prefer.


Here’s What I Recommend…


An opportunity-packed funnel is clearly the most powerful thing to promote online. Having the right funnel can actually lead to viral income growth. What do I mean by this?

You’re actually able to bring about a vast army of other affiliates from all across the globe growing your commissions for you! Your funnel gets people to buy products… and you earn nice commissions whenever purchases are made.

As if that wasn’t cool enough, you can even make money when your customers become affiliates and generate sales themselves! This is an extremely powerful opportunity known as two-tier affiliate marketing.

And in some cases, two tiers can actually be surpassed. Case in point, you can actually find two products that come with FIVE-tier affiliate programs when you promote the funnel that I’ll be presenting you with shortly.

This can allow you to set you free for life!

With monthly billing, each of these two programs will have you earning passive, recurring profits. Want to pay your bills each month exclusively from your online efforts? This is how!

Remember, these commissions trickle down through a full FIVE levels! Eventually, you’ll very likely literally have thousands of incredibly hungry affiliates and sub-affiliates getting you paid on an ongoing basis. And remember, this is in addition to any passive traffic you happen to be getting!


My Top-Rated Opportunity…


It’s called Funnel Five, and I’ve gotta tell you, it is very likely the single most potent money-making opportunity in the world today. And this isn’t just hype.

Check it out…

This is a copy/paste business. You don’t need to worry about importing/exporting any files, hosting anything, or managing a website.


Just complete the tasks given to you in the Funnel Five videos… and then share your special link.


Said link can then be promoted by way of the hot traffic sources taught in Funnel Five. And if you’re really lazy (like me), you can actually get a lot of your traffic without doing any work whatsoever! Doing absolutely zero work whatsoever, Funnel Five can show you how to bring in 100-200 new leads daily.


When new prospects sign up for your funnel through you, they will be instantly placed into a follow-up email newsletter. You never need to write an email… it’s all done for you. All of the links inside all of the emails will be YOUR links! Other people do the work, you make the money.


The first of the programs presented within the funnel will actually have you building your very own email list. Even better news, you can also have countless other people building your list for you… virally! It is truly incredible how this works.


You can earn money from over 27 additional sources sans any extra work by you. Your Funnel Five funnel features an offer (MOS – see Video #4 in Funnel Five) that in turn recommends seemingly countless additional online tools and resources that can be purchased via your unique affiliate links. This same offer can earn you $300 commissions!


But it’s our five-tier affiliate opportunities that really make this thing so special. These are the opportunities which can really make you wealthy. Life gets so much easier when countless others are making you money!


Click Here Now>>


Joining won’t cost you a thing. Moreover, full implementation of the Funnel Five funnel is extremely budget-friendly, due to the fact that you don’t need page builders, your own WordPress site, or hosting. For just $10/mo. you’ll have your own special type of domain… and for just $30/mo. you’ll have an ongoing stream of traffic.

The even better news is that this awesome pair of tools just so happen to likewise be the two platforms that pay out those massive, five-tier affiliate commissions! So for a grand total of $40 per month, you can literally be earning thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars monthly. 😉

It’s being done by others right now! And again, this monthly investment gives you a ready-made viral, online “biz-in-a-box” plus traffic! Tons of quality traffic. Traffic you’ll be sending straight to your Funnel Five squeeze page via your specially generated link.


Do I Need to Invest a Bunch of Time and Effort Into This?


I’m gonna tell you the truth. Most people are either too lazy… or too strapped for time to actually build something viable online. More sadly, those who do manage to create something cool never seem to end up driving any meaningful traffic to it.

Funnel Five doesn’t just solve the infrastructure for you… it solves the traffic problem too. Without any work, your number of leads is going to grow each day. All you need to do is shoot you ever-growing pool of leads short little emails that drive them to your Funnel Five business.

About to 10-15 minutes per day of super simple work is all that’s required for you to succeed. And you do it daily. 7 days a week. Not a single day off. Okay, maybe your birthday. 🙂

Please be honest, can you set aside 10-15 minutes each and every day to finally live your dreams? If that’s the case, you really need to get set up now.

When it comes to your financial life, this may just be the best decision you ever make. I really believe this to be true.

It’s been a pleasure having you. I hope this has helped. Go see if Funnel Five is a good fit for you, and we’ll talk more soon. 🙂

Wishing you great success,

Mike McLean
Funnel Five



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